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Artist talk #1 > Sam Christie (UK)

Artist talk #3 > Simone Hooymans (NL/NOR)

Artist talk #2 > Ewa Górzna (PL/FIN)

Artist talk #4 > Gili Avissar (IL)

Artist talk #5 > Ulf Lundin (SE)

Artist talk #6 > Cait Davis (USA)

Artist talk #7 David Alræk (NOR)

OOH  Urban video art festival
Eight international video artists will be presented during two months. One week / one artist, followed by an artist talk.

The video's will be projected in public spaces, throughout the city Gjilan, Kosovo, every evening from 20:00 till 24:00h.

Locations: City Park (centre), Garden in front of Library of the City, Square in front of Hotel Kristal.


Mischa Badasyan (RU/DE) > 28 July, 15:00u, live at Kafja Egzonit, Gjilan, Kosovo.

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